Virtual Earth Via Seadragon on iPhone

Perhaps you’ve heard that the Live Labs team launched a free version of the Seadragon browser for iPhone…perhaps not. While the viewer is awesome and provides a killer photo viewer (arguably better than what comes with the iPhone) it also has Microsoft Virtual Earth included natively in the application. The application lets you navigate the…


The North Pole – A Virtual Earth Christmas Experience

Microsoft Virtual Earth and MSNBC are changing the game this year when it comes to tracking Santa. You’ve all seen the NORAD Santa Tracker and while that’s been fun over the years, well, it has gotten a bit stale. So, a few of us here in the Virtual Earth Product Group decided it was time…


Virtual Earth at VS Live Conference

Steve Milroy will be presenting at the VS Live conference for Visual Studio Developers in San Francisco, CA on Wednesday, February 25. The topic – “Mapping/Geospatial Solutions with the Microsoft Platform.” You can register for the event here on the VS Live Web Site. Helpful Links: Registration Agenda Conference Page CP


Virtual Earth and XNA Game Development

Here’s some sickness. I’m sure the first time you saw Microsoft Virtual Earth you were thinking, “Wow, is this going to integrate with Microsoft Flight Simulator?” Then, if you’ve ever seen me or one of my colleagues demonstrate Virtual Earth 3D you’ve probably seen us show off our Xbox controller support which then had you…


The Day the Earth Stood Still

Whoa. I have an idea for a new use of Microsoft Virtual Earth. Let’s say a mysterious orb is screaming through space on its way to crash land somewhere on Earth. You could actually determine where the orb was going to land given the speed of the orb and the rotation of the Earth (and…


Kansas Department of Transportation

The US state of Kansas DOT just rolled out a huge improvement to their 511 site. The site has a built in dashboard around a Microsoft Virtual Earth map interface for super easy access to information pertaining to roadways. Specifically, the application highlights activities that are planned (yellow, good to know for the future), active…


Handling Geocoding Error Screens in Virtual Earth

In the Virtual Earth AJAX control, there are certain screens that are somewhat hard to capture and control. We pride ourselves on the level of control we give our users, so here’s a little tidbit to hopefully help you retain what hair is left atop your head. I posted an entry a while back called…


MapPoint 2009 (European Edition) Now Available

We’ve officially released MapPoint 2009 European English Edition into the wild. Now our friends across the pond can experience the greatness of our desktop mapping application with data updates and a new user interface. MapPoint 2009 European Edition is available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish. Here are a list of the features (I…


Thematic Mapping and Heat Maps with Virtual Earth

I’ve had a couple inquiries about heat maps of late, so wanted to ensure people are aware of the capabilities enabled and resources available for creating heat maps with Virtual Earth. First off, my esteemed colleague Johannes Kebeck has just finished authoring a two part series on overlaying data atop of Virtual Earth. The first…


Navigation and Location USA 2008 Conference

I’ll be presenting at the Navigation and Location USA 2008 Conference in San Jose, CA on December 3, 2008 presented by Telematics Update. The discussion, “Unlocking New Revenues Through the Web” is one I’m very passionate about. I see quite a few applications come across my computer screen, some dogs, some clever with no business…