Australia in Windows Live Local and Virtual Earth

The news is out, here, there and everywhere.  Microsoft Virtual Earth and Windows Live Local are live with support for Australia. The developer features include: Geo-coding and parsing for Australian addresses Aerial imagery for major Australian cities (more coverage to come) Maps and routing for major cities and highways/freeways across the country Local search results for Australia and…


MindManager and Microsoft Virtual Earth

Michael Scherotter over at MindJet just posted a great description of how he integrated Virtual Earth with the MindManager tool to plan a trip.  Pretty interesting concept of how different tools can come together to provide a flexible interface for this kind of activity.


Grubb & Ellis Selects VE

This might sound lately like it is becoming a real estate blog, but I just got wind of this press release from Grubb & Ellis.  The applications they have built so far are internally facing (VE is a great way to make brokers more productive, among other BI and visualization benefits), but the search on their public…


Microsoft Dev Day @ Inman Real Estate Connect

Next week, at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference, where you will find Microsoft’s Virtual Earth team in presentations, our booth, and around the conference, developers may want to check out the Microsoft Developer Day.  Steve Lombardi, PM for the Map Control and Windows Live Local’s collections feature, among many other things, and Chandu Thota, Virtual…


Coldwell Banker Bain – Solution Highlight

Another residential real estate broker has launched a new VE powered site. Coldwell Banker Bain, a popular North West realtor, has launched an interactive home search which you can find linked from their home page. It looks like the real estate bar has been raised with large numbers of commercial and residential real estate providers…


Virtual Earth Map Control v3 – Great new features!

We are happy to announce the availability of version 3 of the Virtual Earth Map Control.  This exciting new control comes with dozens of enhancements, including new features not available in any of the previous versions, simpler integration, better compatibility, and much much more. New Features Like using maps, aerial imagery, and bird’s eye? Then…


MSR MapCruncher Released

Microsoft Research has been working with Virtual Earth to develop a cool new application for overlaying information in the Map Control. Chris explains it better than I can: “The basic idea is that you can take any map in PDF format and overlay onto a Virtual Earth map. The benefit being that you can have…


Virtual Earth and the NGA

Microsoft and the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency recently announced a partnership to build better disaster response systems, powered by Virtual Earth.  From the presspass article: “The NGA will use the Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ platform to provide geospatial support for humanitarian, peacekeeping and national-security efforts… Currently, the two organizations believe they will both benefit from collaboratively implementing…


Eastern Europe Web Service Data Additions

To clarify on my previous post, we are adding some additional data in Eastern Europe (vintage Q305) to the MapPoint.EU dataset.  In addition to improved overall coverage of our existing European map, Finland and Greece are now much more complete sets of street level data. We are adding 9 new countries: Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,…


Web Service Customer Service Update: MWS 4.1 CSR2

As Chris points out, we are coming up on our next Customer Service Release for MapPoint Web Service.  There are some great updates you have been asking for included in this CSR2 release, including: Improvements to geocoding in the US – With a new geocoding engine for the US, we are seeing substantially better performance for address…