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Microsoft Virtual Earth now has a new name (and it’s not Kumo or Kiev). First, a little background to ensure we’re all on the same page. As of yesterday….

Live Search Maps was our consumer maps offering. This is the web site you go to for maps, aerial photos, directions, searching for points of interest and creating collections of your own personal data to store in the cloud. Live Search Maps is now called Bing Maps. Bing! That’s right, you know you’re going to do it every time you see the name. Bing! I digress.

Microsoft Virtual Earth was our enterprise mapping platform. This was the set of APIs you would leverage to embed maps into your web site along with overlay data in the form of pushpins, polygons, polylines, raster overlays, etc. etc. Microsoft Virtual Earth is now called “Bing Maps for Enterprise.”

Now, the fun part. What does that mean for all the other properties?

MapPoint Web Service will remain MapPoint Web Service. Photosynth will remain Photosynth. Well, this is a lot of work to go through each one, so I took the liberty of interviewing one of our Corporate Vice Presidents in Search, Erik Jorgensen, to discuss this hot topic. Watch this video and all of your questions about the new Bing brand will be answered.

Click video to view. Double click to view full screen

Be sure to visit the main Bing blog for more information.

In the coming weeks you’ll learn more about how we designed Bing to cut through internet clutter and deliver more relevant results to help people make better choices. In the meantime, visit and follow Bing on Twitter (@Bing) for all the latest news.

My Twitter remains the same - @chrispendleton. I also set up a Facebook page for all you Bing Maps fans out there. My blog will also be moving soon and will be focusing on both Bing Maps and Bing Maps for Enterprise, so stay tuned for more information on that.

CP – Bing Maps Technical Evangelist….I need new business cards.

Comments (10)

  1. says:

    Is this a joke because that name is horrible?

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    "CP – Bing Maps Technical Evangelist….I need new business cards."

    You’ll need therapy, more like.  🙂

  3. John Cz says:

    It was inevitable for Live Search Maps and Virtual Earth to be brought under one brand.  When it comes to various search oriented activities…I like the "Bing" name.

    It will be interesting to learning how you plan to upgrade the virtual earth 3D client software.  Will your next release offer to uninstall the previous version?

  4. nukegold says:

    Chandler Bing? Marketing guys smoking from the Bing-Bong?

    Best of luck guys…

  5. Anonymuos says:

    What else is being Bing-ed? I won’t tolerate Bing Hotmail, Bing SkyDrive, Bing Spaces, Bing Translator. I feel you should leave "Virtual Earth" and the rest of Live services alone. Just when we were getting accustomed to Live, Bing comes. Leave Bing exclusive for search and search-related services.

  6. nukegold says:

    I think I just figured it out: BING = Bing Is Not Google

  7. turbotad says:

    I’m having a bunch of trouble on Bing Maps with the KML import feature.  Anyone there know much about this?  My issue is:

    Thanks for any help on this.

  8. azouz110 says:

    Yeah, i think every new and old product will be Binged very soon.

  9. kaylasmith says:

    I don’t know about the Earth feature, but one great thing about Bing is using it  for shopping… Search the term wii in Bing. Notice at the top there will be a sponsored link for a percent off anything on eBay. Just follow the link.

  10. qavishahzad says:

    It will be interesting to learning how you plan to upgrade the virtual earth 3D client software.  Will your next release offer to uninstall the previous version?

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