Virtual Earth Web Cast Playback – May 2009


Another month of web casts done. This month we focused on business intelligence applications using Microsoft Virtual Earth across the enterprise. The first web cast had tons of information thrown at you about the different scenarios for which you would need different BI applications across different verticals within the enterprise. In the second web cast, we focused on more architecture and the actual technologies behind bringing the applications to life. If you missed either of the web casts for May, you can watch them on demand via the Momentum web site.

  • Using Virtual Earth Across the Enterprise (Level 100) - in-depth exploration of how to use the Virtual Earth platform as a data visualization tool in line-of-business solutions throughout your organization. From supply chain management and emergency response to market analysis, e-commerce, and more, Virtual Earth helps provide easier, more intuitive access to data in solutions that are key to an organization’s success.
  • Developers Can Build Solutions Across the Enterprise with Virtual Earth (Level 200) - a technical exploration of how the Virtual Earth platform can be used across the enterprise as a data visualization tool, integrating with Microsoft technologies, such as SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics, and SharePoint, and partner components.

There’s a web cast on Tuesday, May 26, 2009 @ 11:30 AM PDT hosted by IS Consulting (creators of Map Dot Net) titled, “Virtual Earth for Economic Development in Government.” Here’s the brief, Join the Virtual Earth team, ISC, and the Economic Development Council of Tallahassee/Leon County to learn how geospatial visualization and analysis can support economic development. This webcast will introduce the technologies behind a new, user-friendly Web site that is helping Tallahassee and surrounding areas drive interest in the region and promote commercial growth. For more information, check out the Virtual Earth for Government blog.

For updates on future web casts or to watch any of the previously recorded web cast, visit our events page on the Virtual Earth Marketing site.


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