MIX 2009 Wrap Up and Virtual Earth Session Replay

imageWow – MIX 2009 was truly a blur for many reasons, but mostly because there was just SO MANY exciting sessions and announcements and the show just FLEW by. For those of you who didn’t get to come, there’s always next year; however, if you missed MIX or you were there and missed my session (not sure why you’d do that!), the session, along with all the others MIX sessions, are now live on the MIX Replay site.


image At the show we announced the Microsoft Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control as a CTP. This was hugely well received and .NET developers around the world wanting to map out their data are now celebrating the simplicity with which they can visualize their data leveraging their C# skills.

I also interviewed the Virtual Earth developers who built the Silverlight Map Control in my MIX: Day 2 – The Guys Who Make Virtual Earth Light Up Silver blog post. The interview is about 15 minutes and well worth your time to see the guys who built the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control talk about it; and, since I have an advantage - a deep understanding of their control - my questions make for a good discussion.

If you didn’t get to my session, you also missed out on this year’s Virtual Earth @ MIX poster, so I’ve provided a low resolution web version so you can wish you had one – wow, that’s mean - sorry. I hope to see you at MIX next year! Until then, expect more exciting things coming and lots of Virtual Earth Silverlight Code Samples.


Comments (2)

  1. craigd says:

    A quick addition to the Expression team’s DeepZoom Tag Browser sample: a Silverlight Map Control!


    Original sample: http://blog.kirupa.com/?p=212

  2. aviationplanning says:

    You should consider recompiling the Silverlight control so we can use it in WPF as well.

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