MIX: Day 2 – The Guys Who Make Virtual Earth Light Up Silver

While hanging out at 3rd Place during an unsession at MIX, I busted out the camera and recorded a little video showing off the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control while discussing it with the Lead Developer, Keith Kinnan; Lead Tester, Max Artemov; and Lead Program Manager, Train Chiou. Well, the videos speak for themselves and is unedited in full raw footage greatness. I had to do two videos since it’s 15 minutes total and I couldn’t find a hosting service that would allow me to upload 200MB and didn’t want to wait for the Wifi in the hotel to actually work, so enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget that my session is today, Friday, March 20 @ 12:30 in Lando 4201 Session ID: MIX09-T34F.

Part 1 (We killed Twitter…)

Part 2 (Multi-scale image greatness)

Download the Microsoft Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control CTP on Microsoft Connect. Oh, and the WiFi sux here, so I’m posting this a day late. Sorry Charlie.


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