iSynth – The Photosynth Browser for iPhone

A few months ago I posted about the Seadragon browser that was published for iPhone allowing users to browse Photosynth and Virtual Earth on the Apple mobile device – Virtual Earth Via Seadragon on iPhone. Well, now there’s a new iPhone application made just for browsing Photosynths call iSynth and it’s available for download from the iStore now.


iSynth brings all the eye candy of Photosynth to the user experience of iPhone making it a fantastic way to explore synths. You can search, browse and view synths right on your phone effortlessly. The application was developed outside of Microsoft by Greg Pascale, but we wholeheartedly think the application is great!


So, how does it work? I ripped some content from Greg’s web site to explain:

Quick Menu Buttons

Tip: While using iSynth, for a quick description of what a button does, simply hold it down for a moment and a description will appear (unless you've turned off the "Description Labels" option in the settings menu). If you hold any button for longer than a moment, it will not press when you release it.

Show/hide the full menu

Quit the current synth and go back to the selection screen

Jump to the next 3D group of connected photos

Enter slideshow mode

Enter orbit mode

Exit orbit mode

Toggle point cloud-only view (show/hide photos)


Go to the about/help screen

Go to the settings menu

Rotate the screen

Show/hide cameras (in arc ball mode)

Quick Controls

Normal Mode:

- Tap on any arrow to move to a different photo.
- Drag one finger to reveal other photos that can be visited. Lift your finger to jump to the highlighted photo.
- To rotate first-person-shooter style, drag one finger in the direction you wish to rotate while holding another finger stationary anywhere on the screen
- Use the standard spread/pinch gestures to zoom in and out

Orbit Mode:

- To "orbit" around the synth, simply drag one finger in the direction you wish to rotate.
- To move forwards or backwards, use the spread/pinch gestures.
- To strafe left, right, up or down, drag two fingers in the same direction.
- To leave orbit mode, tap the button in the upper left corner with the red X. This will take you back to normal mode to the image you came from.
- Double tap a camera to jump to the photo taken by that camera (and return to normal mode).

Slideshow Mode:

Not much needs to be said about slideshow mode; the controls are fairly self explanatory. To leave slideshow mode and go back to normal mode, press the stop button.


Go download iSync for iPhone.


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