Virtual Earth at MIX ‘09!

image It’s official – we have confirmed our Virtual Earth session for MIX 2009 and we will be there in star-studded fashion. The session is titled, “The Next Generation of Microsoft Virtual Earth – More Experiences, More Places, and Exciting New Capabilities” and it’s abstract is as follows, “Come see and experience new and exciting offerings from Virtual Earth.  We cannot release specific details about this session until after the MIX keynotes, so please check this abstract again after MIX keynotes for more complete details.” I love a good secret.

I can’t wait and am now counting down the days. This will be my 3rd consecutive year attending MIX and I can guarantee I will top my session from last year. If you only get one conference to attend this year, MIX has got to be it. Cutting edge web technologies, deep technical dives, shifted focus on designers and, hey, it's in VEGAS, BABY! It’s a great place to network with devs and designers (sessions), get intimate with Microsoft peeps (unsessions), and party like a rock star (MIXtify) because the after party events are the reason what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

What is MIX all about? Per the web site, The MIX Conference is a gathering of designers and developers who build cutting edge web sites. If you want to discuss the future of the Web, learn about the latest web technologies from Microsoft, or just rub shoulders with industry professionals, MIX is the place to be.

Here are some important web pages for you to bookmark:

Be there.

Now, my session at MIX is SO HUGE, that we’ll have a coinciding session going on in London (Reading), UK presented by my colleague Johannes Kebeck. The UK Session titled, “Developing with Virtual Earth” will cover very similar content, so if you can’t make it to MIX you can go to Johannes’ session. Here’s the summary, “If you are a developer and want to take working with Virtual Earth to the next level then this event is for you.

The first session will comprise of a platform update to bring you up to speed on the latest version of Virtual Earth. Later, Johannes Kebeck, Tim Warr and Alexis Harakis will show how Virtual Earth interacts with other Microsoft technologies to create a powerful tool that can be used for much more than placing pins on maps.”

Whether you need to analyse or display data, or create an immersive end user experience, this event will make you eager to get back to your PC to put the code you have learnt into practice.”

Register for Johannes’ event on MS Events. Invitation code: 3C27C2.


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  1. gemery says:

    Hey chris,

      You are on twitter?

  2. Chris Pendleton says:

    Hmm, I don’t actively use Twitter. John O’Brien owns the VirtualEarth Twitter. Perhaps I should monitor that. 🙂


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