Map Data Release – January, 2009

Just a quick note to mention that we updated the road data for North America, Europe and Asia in Microsoft Virtual Earth. You probably wouldn’t notice since this was just an update, unless, of course, your street wasn’t there and, well, it might be there now. No expansion in this release - just updates.

We also updated the postal codes for North America, Europe and Asia in the countries we have coverage. For a list of countries where coverage for Virtual Earth data exists you can check it out in the MapPoint Web Service Geographic Coverage page in the SDK and add Japan to it. You see, MapPoint Web Service and Virtual Earth use the same data, but VE has Japan, MWS does not.


Comments (2)

  1. SDolha says:

    There is a big problem after the update: in Romania and Bulgaria (except their capital cities, Bucharest and Sofia) only the large streets are shown. Only ends of the smaller streets are displayed (and only when then intersect with larger streets), and railways are hidden too. This data was available before, and is available but seems to be hidden (didn’t Microsoft contract with its supplier for all the data, just for the capital details?) This information is available for all other near countries (Hungary, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece, etc). This information was available before! Please DO something as this is NOT good at all!

  2. Chris Pendleton says:

    SDolha – yes, this was an unfortunate loss, but part of a strategy to put an infrastructure in place that is more scalable. We will get these countries updated soon with good data.


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