Virtual Earth Data Release – December, 2008

We’ve been doing some housecleaning the last 2 months with some of our road network data. As a result, a small blog post to let you know of a HUGE refresh / release (48TB worth) of all tile sets where vector information is included – Road, Hybrid Aerial, and Hybrid Bird’s Eye. Thus, we’re cleaning up the streets (as it were):


  • Global vector data updates.
  • Multi-lingual tile sets for all zoom levels (French, Italian, German, Spanish).
  • Japan localized tile sets.
  • All oblique (Bird’s Eye) photography reprocessed with new road labels (minus Japan).
  • New data source for the following countries:
    • Greece
    • Estonia
    • Latvia
    • Lithuania
    • Kaliningrad Oblast of Russia
    • Slovakia
    • Hungary
    • Slovenia
    • Croatia
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina
    • Serbia
    • Montenegro
    • Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia
    • Albania
    • Bulgaria
    • Romania
    • Mexico



Comments (9)
  1. srdjandakic says:

    New data source for Serbia = no data

    Live Maps were the only provider that had usable maps of the region until recently. Now, there isn’t a single street in the entire country, including Belgrade.

    (this also includes Google, Yahoo, Nokia and others using same non-existing Navteq data)

  2. spinion says:

    can you explain the difference between a "multi-lingual" tile set and a "localized" tile set?

  3. Chris Pendleton says:

    srdjandakic – This was a hard decision to make, but we had to change data providers for Serbia which now is limited to major highways and cities. This will allow us to scale more easily to grow in other countries and eventually backfill countries like Serbia and keep them up to date in the future.

    spinion – No difference.


  4. zigtltnk says:

    what is the update, I am from Lithuania and except our capital Vilnius, there are no roads in Lithuania, when are they going to come up??

  5. thisisnikz says:

    Is there a way to disable multi-lingual tile sets and show just english tiles as we used to get before or are English labels just no longer available for Japan and other countries ??

  6. Chris Pendleton says:

    thisisnikz – the default control is all English, expect Japan. We don’t have English translations for the Japanese tiles.


  7. spinion says:

    What drove the decision to make Japan an exception (government)? It seems like this will be very frustrating for the majority of users who do not speak Japanese, but wish to find places in Japan and explore the map of Japan.

    I’m assuming map labels (tile sets) never change according to the user’s language unless a totally separate API is used (like Ditu for Chinese)?

  8. Chris Pendleton says:

    Japan launched recently and higher priorities have prevailed prior to pushing out the English version of these tiles (not to mention when the data was originally delivered there was no English version). The map data tiles will change in the API if you set the culture (ie. mkt=es-es), not Japan of course. On Live Search Maps, if you go to some of the local sites in local countries you will see some of the localized tiles being used, but they just launched in Sept, so not many groups have integrated them just yet.


  9. Chris Pendleton says:

    zigtltnk – same kind of thing with Lithuania. We’re working on scaling out so we can grow faster. You’ll see roads in other Eastern European countries soon.


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