image To those of us who live in the Pacific Northwest it’s no secret that there is a HUGE opportunity for any of the Southern states to bring their Mexican restaurants up here and make huge bucks – we’re waiting, nay dying. Please? Growing up in San Diego with the likes of Super Sergio’s and Roberto’s not to mention my frequent trips to Dallas with La Hacienda Ranch or even On The Border and then moving to Seattle where people settle for Taco Bell as great Mexican food (no knocks on TB, it’s good and I frequent it) but something just doesn’t sit right with me. Then, there’s Qdoba. The Virtual Earth North American Sales manager claims it’s his “favorite burrito place and loves coming to SeaTac to eat it” (there’s one in the airport). The Jack-in-the-Box spinoff has done well in Seattle and I have to agree that although it is a big chain, the food is damn good – queso burrito, ground beef nachos, but my favorite is the Mexican gumbo. Oh man, I’m getting hungry. You?


Well, to find one go to the new Qdoba locator. The locator is multifaceted in that you can select a radius search from a pull down of states or click on a Adobe Flash-map that provides you with results below the map. Where’s Virtual Earth? Once you click on the “Directions / Map” link you’ll be taken to a map of the restaurant location with custom icon, a radius drawn on the map around the location and step-by-step directions. In the middle of this post I left for lunch and guess where I went….oh yes, Qdoba. Totally serious.


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  1. LetsKillDave says:

    Psst…try Bandido’s near the Bella Botega theater.  Good fajitas, and their cheese dip (queso) is tasty and authentic!

    Still, they’re nothing close to Chuy’s or Pappasitos or a million other mexican restaurants here in Austin 🙂

  2. Chris Pendleton says:

    Don’t think I haven’t tried Bandidos! It was great the first time and yes the queso is money, but my last trip was questionable. Pappasitos is incredible. Also, there’s a great place in Houston called Lupe Tortilla. The fajitas will melt in your mouth.


  3. trwilhelm says:

    Pappasitos is totally money for fajitas…their chips and slasa alone are a meal IMHO.  Uncle Julio’s in D/FW, specifically Grapevine has fajitas worth flying in for.  Make sure you fly your companion with you since they don’t live there anymore.  🙂

  4. Chris Pendleton says:

    I wouldn’t know about Uncle Julio’s. Someone’s never taken me.


  5. trwilhelm says:

    We were full from La Hacienda Ranch….we’re not gluttonous people….or perhaps we were next door at La Madeliene.  I’m going to go with the latter rather than the former.

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