Vodaphone Releases Pocket Life Mobile with Virtual Earth

image The beta release of Vodaphone’s Pocket Life is now available for free download. Pocket Life is a web and mobile service that offers a seamless, integrated experience for communication, social networking, location based services, street and satellite mapping. Pocket Life was designed around your group of friends, allowing you to communicate and interact in ways never before possible. Seamless synchronisation of the information across web and mobile devices as well as synchronisation across selected social networks is a cornerstone of Pocket Life. You maintain full control of what you share by placing your contacts in Groups and only sharing what you enable with specific Groups.


Register on the site and start finding your friends and things to do with them. It’s free.

  • Share your locations with friends to meet up 
  • Find stuff nearby like restaurants and bars
  • Send photos of what you are doing to your friends
  • Get directions from your current location
  • Save your favourite places
  • Record and share your favourite tracks

This is pretty sweet. It reminds me of Loopt, but with an additional web interface in the case that you’re at your computer and don’t want to deal with your phone keyboard. I love the aspect of sitting in my office and watching my friends move around. Makes me feel like Zeus in Clash of the Titans watching my little pawns move around and suggesting they go to a specific location to meet me for coffee, lunch or a sword fight in the middle of some arena (just found out Hollywood is remaking Clash of the Titans (2010)!!!). Wow, got a little off track there. Download it - it’s free.


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