New Version of 3DVia = Easy 3D Model Publishing in Virtual Earth

Helmets strapped on? For some time Microsoft has had a relationship with Dassault for publishing consumer 3D models into Virtual Earth using 3DVia. When you install the Virtual Earth 3D Managed Control you have the option of downloading 3DVia free of charge and then off you go and create models. Well, if you’ve never created your own 3D models the task can be quite daunting. Dassault has finally changed that with the latest release of 3DVia. The video below illustrates getting a model into Virtual Earth in 3 easy steps.

  1. Find your location.
  2. Find your model.
  3. Publish to Virtual Earth.

Turn up your speakers for full effect.

Double click for full screen view.

What makes this so simple is (a) leveraging Virtual Earth’s geocoder right in the software, (b) the tie-in to their library of 3D objects in 3DVia’s community cloud where sharing is caring and (c) the native controls for adjusting models which then translate to model settings in Virtual Earth. Super easy. I need a caveman to test if he could do it.

Read more on the 3DVia blog. Download it – it’s free.


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