The Day the Earth Stood Still

image Whoa. I have an idea for a new use of Microsoft Virtual Earth. Let’s say a mysterious orb is screaming through space on its way to crash land somewhere on Earth. You could actually determine where the orb was going to land given the speed of the orb and the rotation of the Earth (and some other math and physics). Perhaps it’s Manhattan. Then, let’s say you wanted to show the orb’s trajectory and flight path as it zoomed through space and landed in Manhattan – you could use Virtual Earth 3D for this. Film worthy, no? Well, 20th Century Fox thought so and did exactly this in their remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still which released on Friday.

You can actually see Virtual Earth briefly in this trailer (fast forward to 34 seconds in).


We love seeing Virtual Earth in the movies. You can use Virtual Earth in films free of charge. Whoa. Let’s go Hollywood! Let me know and I’ll get you hooked up. Oh, and go see The Day the Earth Stood Still. I’ll be there because I’m a huge scifi fan, the movie looks awesome and regardless of what people say about Keanu Reeves he has quite the resume / filmography including Point Break, so just back off my boy! Whoa.


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  1. imorrish says:

    You will also see an MS Surface device in use.

    Movie was just OK though.

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