Mr. Obama, Please Save Us All….

MSNBC just published an interesting little Virtual Earth mashup highlighting mayoral cries from around the nation. The topics include economy (by far number 1), energy, health care, immigration, infrastructure, national security, public safety, taxes and budgets and “other.”


The application uses a simple dashboard interface to turn on and off the different data layers. It’s pretty interesting / humorous to read some of these requests and the format they’re written in. Some of them sound like letters to Santa Claus - “Two issues I would like on President-elect Obama’s to do list: Universal health care and fix our economy,” Willie W Herenton, Mayor, Memphis, TN. Yeah, Mr. Obama, if you could fix those that would be great. I’ll spare my political views for a guaranteed firestorm will ensue.

Politics are funny like that – just drive the responsibility up the chain. I noticed there were no requests from the mayor of my home town of San Diego. I like that, Mr. Sanders – take charge and responsibility for your city. I’m hoping you clean up San Diego’s reputation created by previous politicians. Down let us down.

I digress. The application is super slick and a creative way to visualize the opinions and asks of our future President. Using the map to view all of this data you get a good sense of not only what the issues are, but where they exists around the country. I was actually surprised immigration wasn’t more prevalent along the southern border states along Mexico. It certainly ONLY exists there, but I would expect more requests. So, either the economy is a top concern for everyone or the US Border Patrol is doing a damn good job.


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