Live Search Maps Argentina is Live!

Argentina now has it's own Live Search Maps beta site. I'm a little late getting this on the blog, but better late than never. Plus, since I'm a little late to the game there's a good chance you didn't know about it either, so let's dig in. 


This site comes with geocoding places and addresses, road maps, satellite imagery and photography and traffic incident and flow information. In terms of content, this is what you get which is a great framework to build on.

imageAlso, I should point out, don't miss the right-click menu. Within the right-click menu you can add pushpins to the map which then fires off the whole Collections feature. Those of you who have used Live Search Maps in the US are well versed in how Collections allow you to login with your Windows Live ID and store your points, polylines and polygons in a cloud service we host and are available to you when you return. With Collections you can also create new lists (200 items per collection) with descriptions, URLs and photos. On the collections panel, under the Acciones (or actions) menu you can Propiedades (rename your collection and give it a description), Mostrar todo (map all your points), Enviar por email (send the collection link via email), Eliminar (remove pins from the map) or Limpiar (delete your collection).


"Wow, Argentina, didn't see that coming." Yeah, we like to surprise on occasion. More surprises, mostly pleasant, coming your way in months to come. And, yes, 3D works, but the elevation models are missing so Argentina will appear extremely flat. I've never been - perhaps it is that flat. I'm guessing not. Muy Bueno!


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  1. This is great, but why do you keep launching map sites with unique urls? Isn’t there some benefit of keeping the map urls consistent?

  2. amigokin says:

    Street names in Buenos Aires city are wrong, guys. Where did you get the database?

  3. Cooking says:

    This blog has been created to share useful information. Thanks and greetings!

  4. Chris Pendleton says:

    @LeoNel – We don’t treat the markets in a "one size fits all" manner, and we want to empower them to identify URL treatments that are consistent with how MSN / Live is already conducting naming / URL strategy.  Essentially – we let the markets make the decision they feel is best for how consumers in their country navigate to web destinations.  That said, we should still do redirects so people who are navigating cross countries can have a consistent URL structure. Thanks for the suggestion.

    @amigokin – Not totally sure. The local sub produced and is hosting the maps; however, based on the trade marks on the map it’s either MapLink, TeleAtlas and/or AND.


  5. ADY says:

    Hi Chris!

    I’m from Argentina and i’m ussing LiveMaps API to show a mashup for real estate application. But! the implementations don’t use MS API. Do you know how to use API? Does MS provide a different API for Argentina maps?


  6. Chris Pendleton says:

    Doesn’t look like there’s a support API for Argentina, but you can always try the unsupported method:


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