Finding Haunted Houses with Virtual Earth

Halloween is BY FAR my favorite holiday, so I find it only appropriate to publish a little something to help spread the holiday fear. A few years ago we published a Halloween Map (aka The Haunted Map), but we’re not doing it this year (and haven’t in 3 years). This year, I’m simply going to…


Virtual Earth @ PDC Demonstration Applications

As promised during the Virtual Earth session Thursday at the PDC 2008, we are making available all of the demos showed during the session. We’ve even included some BONUS content as well with demos that we did not get a chance to show at the PDC. Please note that these demos are released as is…


Virtual Earth and Microsoft’s Single View Platform

There’s a new initiative at Microsoft to bring together different parts of the company under a single umbrella to prove the whole is greater than the sum of all it’s parts. The Public Sector initiative, dubbed “The Single View Platform” brings several different Microsoft products together to form a SUPER geographically-based, data visualization product suite….


WorldWide Telescope – New Release!

The Microsoft Research Team has released an updated version of WorldWide Telescope for free download. The new release is jammed packed with features including my favorite, 3D Solar System and Universe View (plug in your X-Box controller prior to running WWT for fully immersive 3D tranquility). If there was ever a way to grasp how…


Microsoft Software Pirates Beware

Microsoft Virtual Earth will find you…. A week ago, The Microsoft Anti-Piracy Group launched Global Anti-Piracy Day (Oct. 21). Okay, I’m a week late AND, to be clear, this has nothing to do with Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept. 19) – it is quite the antithesis, in fact. Seriously, though, the team works relentlessly…


Draggable Pushpins with Microsoft Virtual Earth

Using Pushpin objects in Microsoft Virtual Earth is pretty straightforward – you pass in latitude and longitude coordinates and drop a pushpin on the map; however, what if you want to move the pin to a new location while it’s already planted on a map? You could have this requirement for any multitude of reasons…


The Cincinnati Enquirer

Well, the Bengals are once again the Bungles but that doesn’t mean the city can’t celebrate something else…how about their new launch of Microsoft Virtual Earth into!? That’s right, Cincinnati – a beautiful downtown city, I might add – has just added the ability to view all kinds of interesting data about Cinci with…


Live Image Search Adds Virtual Earth

Microsoft Virtual Earth just crossed into another Live Search domain – Image Search. Live Image Search just added a Virtual Earth map to image results for certain major cities and landmarks. For points of interest such as Space Needle, Statue of Liberty or Pacific Beach, you’ll get a Bird’s Eye image of the respective location….


Ultra-Wide Screen Virtual Earth 3D

OMG. Double click to go full screen Now, THIS is how Microsoft Virtual Earth should be viewed! The Advanced Cognitive Engineering Lab at Carlton University in Ottawa, Canada, has officially forced me to strap on my helmet a little tighter, because they have just blown my mind – brain matter everywhere. I need to book…


Live Search Maps China – New Features!

The Live Search Maps China site just got some improvements. Innovation is burning like wildfire worldwide. Driving Direction – New! Country-wide (mainland China) road coverage Inter-city (e.g. Beijing to Shanghai) and intra-city (e.g. Tiananmen to Bird’s Nest in Beijing) directions Multi-point directions (e.g. Tiananmen to Bird’s Nest to MS office) New data pipeline for China…