Virtual Earth Imagery Release – September, 2008

For those of you who follow the imagery releases, there was no release for August. September, however, is now live and contains the following 46TB of imagery and vector updates.


  • Yakima, WA
  • Springfield, MO
  • Spokane, WA
  • Portland, ME
  • Grand Rapids, MI
  • Billings, MT
  • Minneapolis, MN (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Seattle, WA (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Las Vegas, NV (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Phoenix, AZ (UltraCam Refresh)
  • Tampa, Fl (UltraCam Refresh)



  • Vector overlays for Navteq and MDS data sources for orthos and Bird's Eye
  • All mobile tiles
  • New British Isles Map style



  • Tampa, FL



Comments (13)

  1. Could you release more photos of Poland? I would like to use VE in my page but, there are not high quality of satellite photos.

  2. ericwfrost says:

    Is this the "version 2" or enhanced 3D like Las Vegas and Denver? How many cities have this now?



  3. Chris Pendleton says:

    Rosieks – I would love to get Poland too. We continue to expand our reach, so Poland will have its day.

    Eric – there are now 8 cities in v2 – Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Vienna, Seattle, Miami and Tampa.


  4. OursPolaire says:

    As usual, all updates in the United States… They have google earth for that!

  5. Chris Pendleton says:

    OursPolaire – a classless post and completely unnessary. "As usual?" Perhaps you should refer to all of the international updates in the last year plus:

    The imagery in Google Earth is low to mid resolution satellite. Virtual Earth is a combination of low to mid resolution satellite AND high resolution aerial photos (ortho and oblique) – something Google doesn’t offer. Keeping that in mind, capturing aerial photos (via airplanes @ 10,000 feet) takes a heck of a lot longer to do than retrieving imagery from satellites that span greater distances. So, go use Google Earth all you want. When you’re looking for quality imagery and aerial photography with accurate georeferencing and projection capabilities without a 50MB download you can use Virtual Earth. This is the problem with Google fans – Google makes things so easy that users think they’re some kind of expert. The truth is Google users who actually have a real need to do real LBS or GIS realize the limitations Google imposes and find that Virtual Earth built by a true platform company (Microsoft) allows extensibility, customization and control over parts Google hasn’t exposed. Man, I just wasted 5 minutes of my life replying to another uneducated Googler. I guess that makes me a fool.


  6. OursPolaire says:

    Erf – It’s not possible to edit my message. Just want to say thank you for the answer. I like google earth but I LOVE Virtual Earth. that’s why I’am here (awaiting new updates) ;-). PS: You’re not a fool!

  7. jolebas says:

    Hi Chris

    Thanks for the Post.

    Our customers at Masternaut UK are curious to know why the colours have changed in UK. Is it something to do with Multimap?

    Also do you know if there is a way to get a list of all 3D cities in UK? I counted 12 so far from Johannes’ video but I’m not sure if there are any new one.

    Thanks for the update!


  8. Chris Pendleton says:

    OursPolaire – you’re off the hook. GE is a good product. VE is a GREAT product!

    Jolebas – You should work with our partner manager out there (you know her) or ping me to get an explanation.


  9. ericwfrost says:

    "Eric – there are now 8 cities in v2 – Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Vienna, Seattle, Miami and Tampa."

    Vienna, Austria? I don’t think there are any big cities in the U.S. named Vienna?


    Virtual Earth Gallery –

  10. ss1971 says:

    When will v2 3D be available for Houston and San Antonio, Texas?

  11. Chris Pendleton says:

    ss1971 – Not sure. We’ve got a backlog of cities. When it’s ready, I’ll post it here.


  12. ss1971 says:

    Thanks, Chris.  Texas’ economy and development are still doing well (as can be expected at the moment), and it will be exciting to see expanded coverage in the months ahead.  

  13. vietbds says:

    Vietnam have two big cities such as Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi but Virtual Earth Imagery is not up to date and street map is too poor. I have to use Map Dot Net technology. I draw street, river layers in shp files and display over VE layers. But i have some problem because Virtual Earth Imagery is not fixed with my layers.

    I hope that MS has more interesting in big cities in Asia. ,

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