Virtual Sweden

imageVirtual Sweden (not related to Virtual Earth) has launched Microsoft Virtual Earth into their web site highlighting different points of interest around the Nordic country. The map interface is pretty straightforward with orange pins representing points of interest on the map. And, greatly enough, we actually have some super high resolution photography in Sweden as a part of the Virtual Earth platform including Bird's Eye photography (Stockholm below).


So, what makes Virtual Sweden virtual? Well, the virtual tours of course (read that as panoramas)! The orange pushpins link off to panorama pictures of different hot spots around Sweden (and some surrounding countries). The panoramas are viewable through the Flash Panorama Player and embedded right into the web site. Check out the "Stockholm ström" below. The panoramas are controllable by you or just let them spin around 360 degrees as you watch the respective site circle around you. However, if you take control (always take control) you can view the entire scene in a spherical way as if you're sitting inside a crystal globe - look not only side to side, but up and down. Pretty sweet!


I wonder if these are pictures or video? These could make for some SWEET Photosynths. I need to go to Sweden. Someone please give my boss a reason to send me.


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