image Nordstrom just rolled out their new retail store locator using Microsoft Virtual Earth. You can search by any of their 3 brands (Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, or Spa Nordstrom - apparently Façionable is no more). Select a state from the pull down; or, input a postal code and radius; or, enter a store number - you're hardcore (and a little scary) if you know your Nordstrom store location numbers and don't work there.

Now, every customer has to have their own custom spin on their locator, right? Well, they should; and, Nordy's is no different. They've added event information to their locator results. So, once you select the Nordstrom you want to buy, IDK, a purse for that special someone, you get contact information, store hours, Virtual Earth maps, point-to-point driving directions and in store events. The events range from anything like a class to a special marketing blitz. What better way to communicate events to an audience than via the store locator? Well, maybe in the store, but for those people who aren't familiar with the store's goings-on they get instant access to stuff to do while at the respective store.



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  1. trw says:

    It’s not a purse…it’s a handbag.  This was the Nordstroms where we went shopping because you did not pack appropriately for your trip to Dallas back in March 2007.  Look who’s come a long way!  Yeah!

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