I Want My MapPoint Icons Back!

clip_image002Yeah, in MapPoint 2009 (and Streets & Trips 2009) we took out many of the colorful little pushpin icons included natively in previous releases of the product. We added the way cool "Import Custom Symbol" functionality, but for those of you who love our little caricatures there's just no love in the world. Correction - we love you. And, we've made the icons available for download on the Microsoft Download Center. So, go get them and be one with yourself.

The world is right again.


Comments (4)

  1. winwaed says:

    Correction:  MapPoint 2002, 2004, and 2006 all had the custom pushpin import option.

    Richard Marsden

  2. winwaed says:

    Correction #2:   The pushpins in the download link are the 256 which were available in MapPoint 2002.

    MapPoint 2004 introduced a bunch more. 2006 used the same pushpins as 2004.

  3. Chris Pendleton says:

    We’re working to get the rest of the pushpins uploaded. Stay tuned.


  4. ericwfrost says:


    Note that when you open an existing map from MapPoint 2004/2006 in MapPoint 2009, the Pushpin symbols will be messed up.. this is a very simple example, but you can imagine the complex maps people have set up


    Also, applications that reference specific symbols ID’s will have to be rewritten if people want to move to MapPoint 2009..


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