MapPoint 2009 Trial Now Available for Free Download

image If you're excited about the release of MapPoint 2009 today should be a bit more exciting for you because we released the MapPoint 2009 trial version for free download. I did a whole write up on the MapPoint 2009 release, so if you're still wondering about the features and highlights you should check that out.

I did want to answer a couple questions / clarifications that have arisen as a result of my post, so I'll call them out here:

Has the MapPoint 2009 programming model or map control changed?
No. The data has been updated and the UI for the client is drastically different, but the API remains the same.

What are the release dates?
The North American version will be available for purchase on Sept. 1, 2008. The European Edition will be available Jan. 1, 2009. These are the same dates that the product will be available on MSDN.

Do I still need to install the Access DB engine.

Is there still a limit for mapping 10,000 pushpins?
Yes and no. Make sure you read my write up on "Overcoming Pushpin Limitations in MapPoint 2009" to understand the problem.


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  1. I missed this when I posted that the MapPoint 2009 trial version is now available for free download.

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