image Sealy just went live with their new distributor locator leveraging Microsoft Virtual Earth. Your basic, easy to use, easy to find our mattress locator. Enter a postal code on the home page to get there or go to the Sealy Distributor Locator page and drill down with additional options such as searching on postal code and brand type - Posturepedic, SpringFree, TrueForm and PurEmbrace; or, you can search by state; or, search by retailer name to filter results for a particular retailer. What's unique about this locator is not necessarily the search options, but the data presented in the result list. In addition to plotting the locations on a map, Sealy populates a tabular list below the map with all kinds of goodies. In addition to the contact information you would expect such as address and phone number, you get things like a logo to call out stores that have a "Sealy Gallery;" notification that there are 'X' number of additional locations nearby for a particular distributor brand (such as an additional Sears' locations) with the ability to view all of those respective locations on the map; and, if there's a known web site you get a link directly to that web site (such as 


They've also included the ability to share your results at the top right of the page, so you can actually email someone a link to the search results displayed on the page - great feature that most retailers don't actually have! A mattress sounds so good right now. I'm going to hit it.


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