Precious Cargo, by Clyde Ford

Ok, here's a new one. Clyde Ford is promoting his new novel, Precious Cargo by using Microsoft Virtual Earth in an online preview of certain pages within book.


The map is used mostly to show places in the "Location Index" using our Bird's Eye photography (where available) and a high resolution ortho photos (split screen). Now, once you go to the location index and click on a location you may be surprised to find out that you've just been hijacked into Google Earth. Ugh. Not to worry - just click the "Virtual Earth" link above the map and you'll be mystically transported back to Virtual Earth.

Easter egg (maybe) - once you get to the site's homepage, don't do anything. Well, close the little popup that gives you tips. After a minute or so, Morgan Freeman's soothing, yet haunting voice reads the description of the book. Sounds it. I found that out because I multitask.

"Little did you know, when you read my blog today it would be the last time your life was as it has been. You've lived your life in comfort known only to you, but no more. For today, is that last day of your former life and the first day of the new. The ferocity of not knowing if I will be in your life tomorrow could drive you mad; but, this is the way things must be. This is your new life. The choice of me being in it is yours. " -CP

I live on very eerie yarns or unique tales; ergo, rarely reading innocuous words. Yes, I write lots of stuff. Although, apparently I need a copy editor.


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  1. trw says:

    Everything is precious and this cargo is being shipped out.  I have no idea the meaning of comfort, and haven’t for quite awhile.  It’s not my choice anymore…..actually, it never has been.  This is in your hands to figure out if one day you want to return.  I have to learn to trust, and most of all, heal.  "I loved you like no other"-CP

  2. This may seem kind of random, but Vanguard Press (the publishers of Clyde Ford’s new novel Precious Cargo)

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