Streets and Trips Training for Sales Professionals

The true sign of a road warrior is one who knows and uses Microsoft Streets and Trips. S&T has been used by traveling sales professionals for years because of it's interactivity with the Office suite of products, ability to import customer and prospect lists and setup the day's meetings all in an offline solution. Now, for the most part S&T has been advertised as a consumer product (about $30 at your local retailer) for planning trips that maybe only used for vacation; and, MapPoint is for the business professional; however, MyPoint...Exactly has setup some great training for Sales Professionals eliciting the power of S&T without the data crunching capabilities of MapPoint.


This is one of the best training sites I've seen for Streets & Trips. It's extremely detailed and very easy to use and follow along. It's web-based, so all you need is an Internet connection and a Flash player and you're off and running. The sales productivity training course steps through the following items in detail:

  1. Choosing Hardware
  2. Acquiring a List
  3. Preparing the List
  4. Software Overview
  5. Import the List
  6. Analyze Territory
  7. Plan a Trip
  8. Save the Map
  9. Safety on the Road
  10. Positioning the Equipment
  11. GPS Task Pane
  12. Following the Route
  13. Completing the Trip

This is just the high-level overview. For each one of these items, the training dives even further down as you can see from the screen shots. For example, once I went into "Analyze Territory" there's a submenu of items to learn in detail how to analyze the data in a territory - including the benefits and an explanation on how to use Live Search Maps! If you think you know Streets & Trips, think again. Even I picked up a few tidbits on the software!


ABC - Always Be Closing. S&T can help you earn your coffee.


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