image TeamZoneSports has just gone live with Microsoft Virtual Earth integrated into their community web site that "makes the lives of league directors, coaches, players and parents easier." So, this site is pretty awesome (regardless of the Virtual Earth maps). If you've ever been on or coached a team of any kind, you will find this site to be one of the most helpful sites you've even visited. You can manage your rosters, schedule, seasons, locations of games and anything regarding your team in a single site. I've played in so many team events and am always looking for that dang piece of paper print out to find out when my game is; or, spamming the team on who's playing tonight; or, where we're playing. Well, this site takes care of it all. Quite awesome....but, back to the mapping.

So, I went through the FREE process of creating a fictitious surf team (The Virtual Earthlings) for blogging purposes. Once I set up my team, my season, and my locations of where my games are played it was easy to establish a game page with full detail including a Virtual Earth map! The shot below is visible to everyone who can see the game details. When you click the map button on the upper screenshot, you can sent to the map page for directions.


Incidently, TeamZoneSports rolled out a case study which you can read all about on the Microsoft Case Studies web site - "TeamZoneSports - Sports Community Web Site Improves Service with Mapping Technology." It's a relatively short read and calls out some interesting points about why TeamZoneSports used Virtual Earth over our competitors. "I saw the capabilities of Microsoft Virtual Earth and the software development kit and samples that were available with it, I didn’t look any further.” - Jim Zimmerman, CTO TeamZoneSports.


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