Texas Natural Resources Information System Launches Emergency Resource Site

TNRIS just launched their new Emergency Resources web site just in time for Gustav to touchdown over Texas. The site overlays Doppler weather with a Virtual Earth map for storm tracking. You can also get down to a specific city, by geocoding places in the search box. There are few things that compare to a…


Live Search Maps Goes Live in Taiwan

Live Search Maps Taiwan just made it’s debut (as Live Pages). This service is a joint effort between Microsoft Taiwan and Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecommunication operator in Taiwan. This new service is created based on technologies from the following companies : Chunghwa Yellow Page, a subsidiary of Chunghwa Telecom, on their geocoding engine together…


New GPS Provider for MapPoint 2009

For those of you looking to continue using the Pharos GPS puck(s) that shipped with S&T the last few years and MapPoint 2006, you can now look forward to a new piece of geek gadgetry. MapPoint 2009 with GPS Locator and Streets & Trips 2009 with GPS Locator (in Canada) will now be packaged with…


Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Includes Virtual Earth

Yesterday we (Microsoft) launched the second beta for Internet Explorer – you can download the new web browser from the Windows IE8 web site. As you’re browsing the web, you select the text on any page, right click (or just hover) and get a map using the "Map with Live Maps" link which will bring…


Virtual Earth 6.0 Auto-Upgrade Postponed

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…. Dear Virtual Earth Customer, As has been communicated periodically over the last several months, we’d like to provide you another friendly reminder and an update regarding the planned deprecation schedule for older versions of Virtual Earth.  Specifically, we’d like to remind you that we will be permanently retiring Virtual Earth version…


Virtual Earth Applications on Facebook

I just joined Facebook. This is after a long, nightmarish experience of "friends" on MySpace forced me to delete my account (3 times) and depart from social networking sites altogether; however, I’m healed and recovered and now move forward with a Facebook account (don’t be offended if you friend request me and I decline -…


I Want My MapPoint Icons Back!

Yeah, in MapPoint 2009 (and Streets & Trips 2009) we took out many of the colorful little pushpin icons included natively in previous releases of the product. We added the way cool "Import Custom Symbol" functionality, but for those of you who love our little caricatures there’s just no love in the world. Correction -…


Purchase Standalone Microsoft Virtual Earth Photography

If you’ve ever had the need to acquire Virtual Earth aerial photography for uses outside of the Virtual Earth platform, your day has come. Starting today you can license Virtual Earth UltraCam (proprietary) aerial photography without having to license the Virtual Earth platform. This is great for offline use, wrapping your own client or creating…


Streets & Trips 2009 Free Trial Download Now Available

I missed this when I posted that the MapPoint 2009 trial version is now available for free download. Streets and Trips 2009 trial is also available for free download. Alternatively, soon you can also purchase Streets and Trips 2009 online or visit your local software retailer to find it. However, you can always buy the…


MapPoint 2009 Trial Now Available for Free Download

If you’re excited about the release of MapPoint 2009 today should be a bit more exciting for you because we released the MapPoint 2009 trial version for free download. I did a whole write up on the MapPoint 2009 release, so if you’re still wondering about the features and highlights you should check that out….