Eye on Earth Water Watch (and Virtual Earth)

The European Environment Agency and Microsoft have teamed up to launch a new campaign to monitor the quality of bath water across Europe - Eye on Earth Water Watch. OMG - what is going on in Europe that it is necessary to monitor this?? Forget it. I don't want to know.


In any case, the site showcases Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (Spatial) and Virtual Earth in the one-two spatial punch that we keep bring to your doorstep. You can zoom in to see the EEA water quality rating and even report problems you see at certain beaches along the coast. Something is going on on the northeast coast of UK which is just freaking me out.


You can check out the official press release on the Microsoft EMEA Press Centre - "European Environment Agency and Microsoft Eye on Earth Observatory Bring European Beach Quality Into Sharp Focus." It's a great read about how different Microsoft technologies went into the creation of the site and why the site is necessary to better serve the public.

I will tell you this, the site is pretty slick in how quick the data is getting returned to the client which I'm going to attribute to SQL Server 2008 Spatial. More to come on that as we approach the official release later this year.


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