Enable Virtual Earth Inertia

Inertia is that cool spinning of the globe effect in Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D. Well, it's actually turned OFF by default so you wouldn't necessarily know that inertia is available in Virtual Earth but it is. Go figure. Here's how to enable it:



  • Click on the "3D settings" button
  • Click on the "Preferences" tab
  • Check the box (the only box) for "Continue Earth motion after dragging."

And that takes care of that. Now you will have the fluid motion of flying over the Earth and spinning the globe with complete disregard for senseless behavior.






Comments (10)

  1. AngelaE8654 says:

    Thank you very much for these clear directions on how to turn it back on.  🙂

  2. Vision says:

    I love virtual earth thanks for the information !

  3. silvermario says:

    Wow, this Virtual Earth Inertia globe feature is soooo cool =]  Thanks a lot for this clue 🙂

  4. Jessicas says:

    This feature is very useful and cool!!

  5. mehaul says:

    This is a lot of fun spinning the globe.Thanks for this info

  6. diabetes says:

    This is really cool feature… didn’t know it was there… thanks for the pointer!

  7. wedding photographer says:

    Awesome, thanks for the link to the proxy issue. That solved my problem.

  8. PolarBears says:

    I never know about this! Thanks for pointing it out, what else is there I don’t know?

  9. bad credit loans says:

    Microsoft has a ton of cool gadgets/features just like Google does. I can’t remember the URL to the Microsoft earth telescope but it’s awesome.

  10. qavishahzad says:

    . I can't remember the URL to the Microsoft earth telescope but it's awesome.

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