Microsoft Environment Group

"Innovating to Improve the Planet." That's the mantra of the Microsoft Environment Group. Did you know about them? Their is sole focus is the environment and what we can do to improve it. In fact, their mission statement is posted on the main Microsoft Environment site: "At Microsoft, we believe in the potential of software and technology to help people and businesses around the world foster environmental sustainability. Discover how Microsoft and its partners use innovative technologies and responsible business practices to address environmental challenges worldwide."


Well, since we (The Virtual Earth Group) virtualize the world many of their projects have synergies with The Virtual Earth Platform. I figured it would be worth while to share a few of them:

Microsoft Technology Powers Environmental Crisis–Response Tool - When a crisis strikes, timing is an organization's greatest resource, and often means the difference between containment and escalation. Enter JEPRS, the Joint Emergency Planning & Response System.

Virtual Earth Brings Limited Water Resource into Focus - The new Microsoft Virtual Earth-based groundwater management tool is designed to overcome a simple but daunting problem: mapping out areas of intensive groundwater use, determining management actions for stressed aquifers, and making that information quickly and widely available.

Microsoft Virtual Earth Puts the Planet in Focus (EPA) - Earth imagery in support of environmental science has reached a new level with Microsoft Virtual Earth, a globe mapping and geospatial visualization tool. With its superb imagery, integration with widely used Microsoft tools, and enterprise-level capability, Virtual Earth is creating yet another transformation in how we view the planet.

Also, I blogged a while back about how The Environmental Protection Agency is leveraging Virtual Earth for their applications too (referencing the "Microsoft Virtual Earth Puts the Planet in Focus" article. The blog entry has additional information about the relationship and the press release.

You should expect to see exciting green developments coming from this team. And, since almost everything they do can leverage Virtual Earth, expect VE to play a critical role for them as they grow. Got a green app that uses Virtual Earth? Share it with me.


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