UK Celebrity Spotter

The MSN Entertainment Team in The UK rolled their Celebrity Spotter out a bit ago, but has been getting good traffic, they continue to keep the feed of information updated and it has Virtual Earth as the interface for finding data. The concept is about keeping track of celebrity appearances over the course of the next four weeks. You can choose from one of the following categories of people to follow: Arts, Awards, Fashion, Film, Media, Music, Parties, Society and Royal, Sport and Stage; or, you can just Select All.


I have some major revisions for this. Like, why can't I search for a name? I looked in Music and found the loveable Amy Winehouse as one of the results. And, there has to be a ton more data - are there really only 6 concerts over the course of the next 4 weeks in the whole UK? The birthplace of The Beatles, Punk Rock and Morrissey (my long lost brother!)? And, what's with the weird cones? Seriously, why hasn't anyone perfected the event locator? Can I get an aggregator of events (both big and small) to step forward?

Alright, while I question some of the design and content choices by the MSN Entertainment Team what data they use is pretty stellar. And, FWIW, I chose "Society and Royalty" and The Queen is making an appearance (well, it was yesterday). Our version of royalty is whoever is atop the Billboard Pop 100 Chart - it's Leona Lewis today - a Brit. Like how I pulled that together? 😉


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