MapPoint Web Service 4.7 SDK Released

Friday we released an updated version of the MapPoint Web Service SDK 4.7. There's nothing new in terms of functionality for the SOAP XML APIs, but we did update the docs to include a new version of the road network coverage. So, now you get a better idea of what the MapPoint Web Service Geographic Coverage is. You will now see the country and instead of a percentage (like what we used to provide which was somewhat useless) you will see a better descriptor such as "Full," "Capital Only," "Major Cities Only" or "Full, but missing [some area]." MapPoint Web Service only contains maps, so there's still no coverage map of our aerial photography or satellite imagery.

You still get street-level geocoding coverage (Find Address), if you can create routes in the respective country (Routing) and what data source the data resides in - MapPoint.NA (North America), MapPoint.EU (Europe); MapPoint.AP (Asia Pacific {includes Australia}), MapPoint.BR (Brazil), and MapPoint.WorldRoutable (World Highways). We don't list MapPoint.Moon, but it's there if you want to build out a sick little application and win a Directions Magazine Web Mapping contest (scroll to the bottom).

For Virtual Earth users, this geographic coverage is the same minus China and Japan thus this is a very valuable resource for you too.


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