Virtual Earth Auto-Upgrade Postponed

I've been continuing to keep you updated on the imminent deprecation and auto-upgrade of Virtual Earth's legacy map controls. Well, you just got an addition 2 months to get those Version 6 apps tested against Version 6.1 before we auto-upgrade. Here's the message that was sent to the communication list a couple days ago:

Please be advised that the date of the planned automatic upgrade of Virtual Earth v6.0 to v6.1 has been moved from June 26th, 2008 to August 28th, 2008.  Therefore, Virtual Earth v6.0 will now be automatically upgraded to v6.1 on August 28th, instead of June 26th.  We will continue to keep you informed if there are any other changes to this plan.  For more information on all the Virtual Earth v6.1 features and enhancements, please visit the Virtual Earth v6.1 SDK.

Versions 3, 4 and 5 will still be deprecated August 31. If you want to be on the aforementioned communication list, just signed up for a free developer account.


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