Euro 2008 on CCTV

CCTV (China Central Television) is the largest Chinese Broadcasting Company who owns the exclusive Olympics broadcasting rights for China. They just released their first version of Virtual Earth integrated with CCTV Olympics site for Euro Soccer Game 2008.


Within the site you can tour the Euro 2008 places of interest. Going down the navigation the left you can see the countries involved, the cities where the games are played, the stadiums, a scoreboard and video of the games. I think it's funny that they used a Google-ish interface with the buttons for changing map style on the top right, but whatever works!

Additionally, you can use the remote control to play video and chat with other users. The chat was moving so fast I couldn't even read it, but I'm guessing that's some robot trying to take down their system. Oh, and clicking the remote's red power button doesn't turn off your monitor it just closes the remote control panel. 🙂

Football (soccer) buffs will greatly enjoy this app, especially if you can read it.


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  1. The World Olympics kick off August 6 in Beijing, China with a football match. Inline with CCTV’s interactive

  2. What’s the Hollywood of China? Anyone? Well, CCTV is taking full advantage of their use of Microsoft

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