Virtual Earth and iPhone

Who says Google gets all the love from Apple's iPhone? If you saw or read about the introduction of the new version of iPhone at The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, perhaps you caught Sam Altman, Loopt CEO, demonstrating Loopt's new application on the device for finding friends. And, if you saw that perhaps you looked at those rounded pushpins on the map and assumed it was a Google Map, but you know what happens when you assume....take a closer look!


Yep - Microsoft Virtual Earth is the base platform for Loopt's new Social Search application which is native to the new iPhone.

You can read all about the story on CNET (it's short) - "Loopt demos free location-based iPhone app" and, hey, CNET has a new video sharing service, so I've embedded the demo below:

Yeah, I worked with Loopt to make this happen. Who's next?


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  1. Yesterday’s demonstration of Loopt’s social networking application on the iPhone with Virtual Earth maps

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