recently launched with their new map-based search service leveraging Virtual Earth as a backdrop for locating available ad space. You put in a neighborhood, a search radius and media type (poster or bus) and off you go. Don't miss the advanced search which allows you to further plan your ads by allowing you to select the format of your ad, you budget and your campaign start date.


I haven't see anyone bite on this idea in the US. I find it hard to believe that certain ad agencies don't find a map based interface as useful for their customers. And, um, you can actually SEE billboards in Bird's Eye View!! Oh, and, did you know you can place 3D objects (like, IDK, a billboard) in Virtual Earth 3D? So, what's up? I think they're all waiting for someone else to spark the fire. Well, warm up to the idea fellas because SignPoster is getting some attention and lucky for you they're across the pond. They may stay their, but the idea won't.

In their own words....

image " is an innovative new service designed to empower local businesses to plan, manage and create ad-agency quality poster advertising in just a few clicks.

Until now only BIG business budgets could afford to advertise on the best poster sites, bus shelters and buses but we think its time to correct the balance to level the playing field for everyone to return the high street to those businesses serving and supporting the community.

Use the poster finder to discover what sites are available in your area and how much they cost then with our unique ad creator make the ideal poster for your business. Go on - get creative and put your business on the map.

Launching throughout the UK during 2008 our unique service is bringing cost effective poster advertising to everyone its nothing short of a local advertising revolution!"


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