The Virtual Earth Map Control is HUGE! Or, is it?

I was at a customer location recently and they asked me, "Why is your control so big? My performance is being hurt by having to reload this huge map control every time I load my page." Hmm, time to investigate…. I opened up Firebug in Firefox and took a quick peek at the Virtual Earth…


ESRI Shapefile Layers on a Virtual Earth Map

Juan DoNeblo has the skinny on rendering your ESRI .shp files on Virtual Earth. This is a fantastic how-to that was posted back in April around the time of the ESRI Developers Summit. Microsoft has a strong partnership with ESRI as they are one of the top Microsoft ISVs. What’s unique about the integration Juan…


Microsoft Environment Group

"Innovating to Improve the Planet." That’s the mantra of the Microsoft Environment Group. Did you know about them? Their is sole focus is the environment and what we can do to improve it. In fact, their mission statement is posted on the main Microsoft Environment site: "At Microsoft, we believe in the potential of software…


Virtual Earth and Live Search Maps Vintage Educational Videos

Catherine Heller and I did these videos last year for Channel 10 and for some reason I never found out they were published…until today. They’re still valid (for the most part) though much has changed with the Live UI. It can provide you with some Virtual Earth API and Live Search Maps enjoyment…at the very…


Virtual Earth and WPF (Code Samples)

Marc Schweigert wrote a great blog post and provided some code samples for an application he wrote combining Virtual Earth and WPF. I absolutely had to post a traceback to his blog to get folks steered over to get the samples, because this is money. Yes, Marc, we’re all looking forward to your Channel 9…


Virtual Earth Imagery Release – June, 2008

20TB of new imagery….laughable compared to the 69TB+ from May’s Virtual Earth Imagery Release; then again, when’s the last time you transferred 20TB of data? 🙂 Here’s the list for June: Orthos (Microsoft UltraCam) Toledo, OH Iowa City, IA Independence, MO Gary/Hammond, IN Fort Wayne, IN Duluth, MN Orthos (non-UltraCam) Canada Halifax, NS Moncton, NB…


3D Models with Virtual Earth-3DVia

Perhaps you know that Virtual Earth-3DVia by Dassault Systems is our software for creating models in Virtual Earth 3D; perhaps you didn’t. I haven’t seen many models built out, but what I’ve seen have been okay – just okay. If you have some sweet models that you’re proud of send the link to your collection….


Publish Your Aerial Photography to Virtual Earth

We’re just starting a new program called "GoVE" which enables municipalities, state and local governments, aerial photographers, carrier pigeons, whoever, to share your imagery with Microsoft for publishing onto Virtual Earth the platform that powers thousands of enterprise applications, not to mention our own Live Search Maps. Now your imagery can be part of the…


MapPoint Web Service 4.7 SDK Released

Friday we released an updated version of the MapPoint Web Service SDK 4.7. There’s nothing new in terms of functionality for the SOAP XML APIs, but we did update the docs to include a new version of the road network coverage. So, now you get a better idea of what the MapPoint Web Service Geographic…


UK Celebrity Spotter

The MSN Entertainment Team in The UK rolled their Celebrity Spotter out a bit ago, but has been getting good traffic, they continue to keep the feed of information updated and it has Virtual Earth as the interface for finding data. The concept is about keeping track of celebrity appearances over the course of the…