Weather Central and 3D Weather Broadcasts

I've mentioned Weather Central in the past with regards to some of their killing broadcasts which use Virtual Earth as a backdrop. Well, I caught up with them at NAB and thought I'd post an update on some of their innovation. Here are some samples of where they've included Virtual Earth 3D as the backdrop for weather forecasts (notice the clouds in the sky):

New York:

Las Vegas:

Also, check out their own Simulcast Sample Video. Click on the "Forecast" button to see Virtual Earth in action for not just weather, but for news stories as well.

With all of this, their customers are benefiting from the Virtual Earth integration into the Weather Central software package. One such customer is KATV 7 in Arkansas. Their KATV 7 Weather Blog posted a screenshot of their weather forecast using Virtual Earth and it's pretty dang amazing.


Is Arkansas really that pretty? I've never been, so someone give me a reason to go.


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