image 7-Eleven went live last night with Virtual Earth. Nothing over the top special, but a nifty little store locator. Enter a postal code, select some optional search attributes (Gas Available, Bill Payment, ATM, Money Order, Audio Enabled ATM, Money, Transfers, Check Cashing, 7-Eleven® Visa®), and click "Go" to find the nearest 7-Eleven.

The implementation is pretty clean. I've thrown a couple JS errors, but it didn't kill my browser or experience. I like the hidden additional results that appear when I request them via the link. Also, they have the drag and refresh map-based query which is just absolutely mandatory for any map-based application. Downside - Bird's Eye is disabled (CTRL + O to force it) and no driving directions. v2, I suppose.



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  1. Geld Lenen says:

    Wow, virtual earth really is accurate. Last time I used it, I couldn’t zoom in further than a city, now I can see my own house in the Netherlands! 🙂

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