Where in the World is Matt Lauer?

Today, NBC launched there "Where in the world is Matt Lauer" campaign and this morning I saw that he was in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Wow - the ultimate boondoggle. What a stud. Anyway, as a part of this campaign, Live Search Club (free online games) has released the game "Discover the World with Matt Lauer."image

The game is pretty straight forward and uses Virtual Earth and Live Search to add to the fun. imageThe game will prompt you with questions about different geographies. As you get stumped - I got to question 2 - you can leverage Live Search on the bottom half of the screen to research the answer. Once the correct answer is selected, the Virtual Earth map will center on the location in question. The whole game drives more search queries, and in fact, will drive queries just for selecting the right answer. This allows you to just search on terms you might normally want to search on, but could pique your interest in a specific geographic topic. Hey, this could be a good use in the classroom! Well, the game is pretty challenging and worth a looksee to see how high you can score. I posted a...well, idk, but I got 18 tickets. And did you see Matt dance with that Argentinean tango dancer (forward to 2:30)? Good lord. Are there any conferences I need to speak at in Argentina? Please send mail.


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  1. Chris Pendleton has the scoop that once again NBC likes to send Matt Lauer to the far flung corners on

  2. crpietschmann says:

    Hmm.. Why isn’t the game using VE6?

  3. crpietschmann says:

    I thought it was using v5, but no, in fact it’s using v4??…

  4. Chris Pendleton says:

    The game SHOULD be on 6.1, but they copied code from a previous game they had developed to save time. They’re in the process of updating the code to use V6.1.


  5. Hey,

    check out what Daniel Walzenbach (German MS Developer Evangelist) is doing. You can track him using his website http://www.whereisdaniel.net

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