National Association of Broadcasters Conference

Virtual Earth will be featured in the Microsoft booth at The National Association of Broadcaster's Conference (NAB) in Las Vegas, NV starting April 14.


"From Broadcasting to Broader-castingSM, the NAB Show™ has evolved over the last eight decades to continually lead this ever-changing industry. And while the solutions at your fingertips have changed to keep pace with consumer lifestyles, habits and technologies, your aspirations to produce and deliver memorable content have remained consistent. From conception through distribution, the NAB Show has proudly served as the incubator for excellence – helping to breathe life into content everywhere."

Virtual Earth has been on the uptake in broadcast because of our high resolution, photo-textured, scaled models within our immersive 3D environment. Plus, the powerful platform and flexible licensing structure make it easy to get some awesome maps into your programs, broadcasts or films.

Did you know, Virtual Earth is featured on over 100 stations worldwide; has been integrated into software from Weather Central and Vizrt; and, was featured in the movie Firewall with Harrison Ford. Ok, it was no Indiana Jones or Star Wars, but it made some money and used some Fido-tracking GPS software to help save the day. Well, if you've got a better use for Virtual Earth in your movie, show or broadcast - bring it! I want to see Virtual Earth on the big screen, so send me your movie scripts, show proposals and news or other broadcasts and let's get some cool mapping out there! Come hang out with me at the Microsoft Booth at NAB!


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  1. I’ll be stepping away from The National Association of Broadcaster’s Conference in Las Vegas for a day

  2. It’s been a crazy travel schedule and I’m just now getting a chance to do some blogging (and not for

  3. I’ve mentioned Weather Central in the past with regards to some of their killing broadcasts which use

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