Virtual Earth Site for Business Decision Makers

A few months ago we launched our new marketing site @ This site is a great place for a business decision maker to read up on Virtual Earth. The site is packed with information about the platform including News, Events, Case Studies and Product Sheets to name a few features.


The News page is new and contains some of our latest developments announcements and aggregates some of the blog posts from people in our group. Did you know there are several bloggers posting from within the Virtual Earth Product Group? Here are some of them:

I probably missed a few, but these are the ones I came up with off the top of my head.

The Events page is a great place to see what events we'll be attending and web casts we're putting on. I often post where I'M going to be (or have been) on this blog and will often post where the team will be, but the Marketing page will have everything including the events we're attending or putting on that I have absolutely nothing to do with.

We have a rotating "Featured Site" which showcases some unique implementations using Virtual Earth in different verticals. We introduces a couple new ones in Real Estate include The Houston Association of Realtors (which is a truly incredible integration and has some fantastic search tools) and Fidelity's Cyberhomes; we added Visa under Financial Services. See a full list of featured sites in our gallery. Below is a snapshot of our current feature site for utilities- Progress Energy.


All in all, there is a TON of information for business decision makers, marketing folks, and basically anyone who is not a developer on our Marketing site. If you're a developer, we have a special place for you to get your endorphins flowing @


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