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Ok, so I know our Bird's Eye imagery is cool and all (did I just say that?); but, the London Executive web site makes it looks incredible.


I received a comment on one of my blog posts regarding the London Executive PropertyBird site which is exceptionally clean and quite useful for searching for both real estate and rental properties. Leveraging Microsoft Virtual Earth, they've use the map based searching that we're seeing across the industry and essentially said, "Why navigate to Bird's Eye when you can just have it!" Cartographic and aerial/hybrid maps are still available, but with this functionality and user experience I can't think of why you'd need them. Real Estate companies should take notice - the UI is fantastic - filters atop the map, no page refresh, short bits of information in the popups, sleek navigation, heck I even like the colors.

The comment I receive on my blog was as follows:

"Here is a case study from London, UK. Our press release is copied below:"

"London Executive is the first residential estate agent to run Earthware’s advanced property solution that locates properties on crystal clear London bird’s eye views. PropertyBird is based on Microsoft’s Virtual Earth platform with unique aerial photography by BLOM Aerofilms. Earthware’s solution is so flexible that it allows estate agents to make the product unique to their brand."

"London Executive is a niche market real estate agency that deals solely with prime central London properties. "We manage the residential property portfolios of international investors and often purchase real estate on their behalf. We want to convey important information to our clients such as the quality and heights of adjacent buildings and the density of street parking spaces. This type of information is very difficult to convey on existing mapping solutions. Earthware’s crystal clear imagery of London streets is the perfect solution. This is property viewing from a different angle and we expect this to add further value to the exclusive properties we currently market", announced Georges Verdis, Chief Technology Officer of London Executive."

Ok, I'll admit I've never been to London (I actually was on my way in October and was in a terrible car accident in NYC and canceled my trip) but if these photos don't inspire me to find a reason to go I'm not sure what will. And, maybe I'll use this site to find a place.


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  1. Ok, so I know our Bird's Eye imagery is cool and all (did I just say that?); but, the London Executive

  2. maxchristian says:

    London Executive already use 3D models (from Metropix) to market their properties:

    So the next logical step would seem to be to show these models actually within VE.  That’ll be possible as soon as VE gains the ability to import 3D models from an external source, which is said to be in the pipeline.

  3. mkornfeind says:

    You know who else is doing a descent job in the birdseye and mapping in this space is Coldwell Banker Commercial.  Have you seen their new site lately,  Has some interesting integration with the map.

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