New Imagery – December 2007

The latest release of imagery and photogrammetrics includes 36.3 TB of photography and models of 58 new cities worldwide! At a high level we've updated the Manhattan imagery, added 44 new cities with our Microsoft (Vexcel) ortho imagery, 36 new US bird's eye areas, 26 new European bird's eye areas, 5 areas of US orthos from GlobeXplorer, 17 international orthos from GeoEye, updated UK photos from GetMapping and Holland orthos from Digital Colour Orthophotomap of the Netherlands (DKLN). The image processing pipeline team is pumping out some serious bytes. One of these days I'm going to document how exactly this gets done....

Orthos (3Di Hi-res {15cm, unless indicated - Microsoft proprietary}):
United States
Allentown, PA
Bridgeport, CT
Cary, NC
San Bernardino, CA
Pasadena, CA
Ogden, UT
Manchester, NH
Fontana, CA
Corona, CA
Chino, CA
Gladstone, MO
Newport News, VA
Riverside, CA
Salt Lake City, UT
Stamford, CT
Waterbury, CT
West Valley City, UT
Aurora, CO
St. Louis, MO
Kansas City, KS
Eau Claire, WI
Cleveland, OH
Arvada, CO
Boulder, CO
Davenport, IA
El Monte, CA
Independence, MO
Kansas City, MO
Lakewood, CO
Overland Park, KS
Peoria, IL
Salem, OR
Topeka, KS
Wichita, KS
Eugene, OR
Fargo, ND
Green Bay, WI
Medford, OR
Nampa, ID
Springfield, IL
Waukegan, IL

International (3Di Hi-res {15cm, unless indicated - Microsoft proprietary}):
Calgary, Canada (30cm, 2006)
Quebec, Canada(30cm)
Tokyo, Japan

United States (GlobeXplorer, 1ft):
Birmingham, AL
Portland, AL
Maryland/Northern Virgina
Tampa/Ft. Myers, FL
Sacramento Region, CA

International (GeoEye, 1m):
Valencia, Spain
Oporto, Spain Portugal (Thanks Jorge!)
Thessaloniki (Salonica), Greece
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
Goteborg, Sweden
Copenhagen, Denmark
Brussels, Belgium
Oslo, Norway
Grand Canaria/Las Palmas, Canary Islands
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Casablanca, Morocco
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Dhaka, Bangladesh
Tahiti, French Polynesia
Moscow, Russia
Christchurch, New Zealand
Wellington, New Zealand

United Kingdom (GetMapping):
Holland (DKLN)

United States (Pictometry):
Kern, CA
Shasta, CA
El Paso, CO
Danbury, CT
City of East Haven, CT
Prince George, MD
Kalamazoo, MI
Kent, MI
St Louis, MO
Mississippi Metro, MS
Mecklenberg Metro, NC
Raleigh, NC
Hunterdon Metro, NJ
Columbia, NY
Erie, NY
Nassau, NY
Niagara, NY
Orange, NY
Rensselaer, NY
Steuben, NY
Ulster, NY
Poughkeepie Metro, NY
Philadelphia, PA
Harrisburg Metro, PA
Greenville, SC
Spartanburg, SC
Loudon, TN
Knoxville, TN
McLennan, TX
Nueces, TX
Potter-Randall, TX
Beaufort Metro, TX
Richmond, VA
Fairfax, VA
Skagit, WA
Dane, WI

Europe (Blom):
Brussels, Belgium
Luzern, Switzerland
Winterthur, Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
Frankfurt, Germany
Madrid, Spain
Zaragoza, Spain
Castleford, UK
Chester, UK
Crewe, UK
Darlington, UK
Dearne Valley Urban Area, UK
Harrogate/Knaresborough, UK
Hartlepool, UK
Leeds, UK
London, UK (several Areas of Interest)
Macclesfield/Pretsbury, UK
Middlesborough, UK
Milton Keynes, UK
Newcastle, UK
Reading/Workingham, UK
Scarborough, UK
Scunthorpe, UK
York, UK

3D Cities
Chino (124 sq. mi.)
Corona (65.17 sq. mi.)
El Monte (129 sq. mi.)
Fontana (100 sq. mi.)
Fullerton (122 sq. mi.)
Ontario (99.43 sq. mi.)
Pasadena (108 sq. mi.)
Riverside (123 sq. mi.)
San Bernardino (126 sq. mi.)

Arvada (207 sq. mi.)
Aurora (237 sq. mi.)
Boulder (131 sq. mi.)
Lakewood (108 sq. mi.)

Hartford (89.32 sq. mi.)
New Haven (70.29 sq. mi.)
Waterbury (81.46 sq. mi.)

Davenport (93.46 sq. mi.)

Nampa (103 sq. mi.)

Peoria (83.34 sq. mi.)
Springfield (79.38 sq. mi.)
Waukegan (77.33 sq. mi.)

Kansas City (53.21 sq. mi.)
Overland Park (168 sq. mi.)
Topeka (74.54 sq. mi.)
Wichita (97.86 sq. mi.)

Lowell (85.32 sq. mi.)
Springfield (87.43 sq. mi.)
Worcester (54.55 sq. mi.)

Gladstone (82.76 sq. mi.)
Independence (83.61 sq. mi.)
Kansas City (94.76 sq. mi.)
St Louis (129 sq. mi.)

Cary (83.93 sq. mi.)
Charlotte (75.73 sq. mi.)
Durham (113 sq. mi.)
Fayetteville (99.34 sq. mi.)
Greensboro (91.59 sq. mi.)
Raleigh (104 sq. mi.)

Fargo (86.02 sq. mi.)

Manchester (88.08 sq. mi.)

Cleveland (122 sq. mi.)

Eugene (90.13 sq. mi.)
Gresham (148 sq. mi.)
Hillsboro (111 sq. mi.)
Salem (77.59 sq. mi.)

Providence (82.71 sq. mi.)

Rapid City (207 sq. mi.)
Sioux Falls (64.72 sq. mi.)

Provo (79.74 sq. mi.)
Salt Lake City (99.66 sq. mi.)
West Valley City (95.8 sq. mi.)

Newport News (144 sq. mi.)
Norfolk (172 sq. mi.)
Richmond (99.76 sq. mi.)

Eau Claire (86.58 sq. mi.)
Green Bay (85.28 sq. mi.)

Lachine (60.9 sq. mi.)

Liverpool (43.04 sq. mi.)


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  1. The latest release of imagery and photogrammetrics includes 36.3 TB of photography and models of 58 new

  2. Hi, good news.

    One correction.

    You have writen:

    International (GeoEye, 1m):

    Valencia, Spain

    Oporto, Spain

    Oporto is a city of Portugal, isn’t of Spain.

    Kind regards,


  3. Just in time for the Capital Of Culture 2008 to kick off, Microsoft's Virtual Earth team have released

  4. Miguel Saez says:

    Hace varios meses estoy en la búsqueda de departamento para convertirlo en mi futuro hogar. Debo

  5. Hace varios meses estoy en la búsqueda de departamento para convertirlo en mi futuro hogar. Debo

  6. Chris Pendleton says:


    Thanks for catching that!


  7. drhender says:

    Don’t you mean 2007?  Unless of course you guys are planning another update 11 months from now…

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    Type-o. tnx.


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