Case Studies: MarketLinx & iFly

Every now and then the Virtual Earth Marketing Team posts case studies for technical decision makers to read about how other companies are leveraging Microsoft mapping platforms. We've posted two of them recently that give an in depth understanding of not just the the power and flexibility of the Virtual Earth platform, but the cost savings as well. Yesterday, we posted a case study for MarketLinx (a First American company) and a couple weeks ago we posted a case study about iFly (3D commercial flight tracking). Below is a summary of each of them with links to both. And, don't miss the videos (MarketLinx & iFly, respectively) with interviews listed under the case study documents.

Real Estate Services Provider is on the Map with New Home Search and Evaluation Tools
Nearly half of all REALTORS® in North America use online Multiple Listing Services (MLS) provided by MarketLinx, a subsidiary of First American Corporation. While the company provides mapping services as an integral element of its product suite, recent demand for more sophisticated property search and location tools prompted the company to upgrade its offerings. MarketLinx chose the Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ platform to build dynamic interactive property search and evaluation functionality. The new technology gives REALTORS and consumers stunning visuals and detailed demographic data to streamline real estate transactions. MarketLinx expects the new mapping solutions to differentiate its services, drive customer loyalty, and help grow the business over the long term. In addition, Virtual Earth helped MarketLinx save U.S.$250,000 in mapping expenses compared to its previous solution.

Air Travel Web Site Enhances Brand, Enriches User Experience with 3-D Flight Tracker provides comprehensive information about air travel across North America, offering travel planning, trip purchasing, and flight monitoring resources on a single Web portal. Based in Santa Clara, California, iFly relies on revenue from advertising and affiliations. Brand maintenance, driven by customer loyalty, is critical to its business. One of iFly’s signature offerings is a real-time visual flight tracker that displays images of an aircraft’s current position on its flight path. iFly recognized that upgrading the flight tracker to 3-D imagery would create a richer user experience and be a key differentiating factor for its brand. Using Microsoft® Virtual Earth™, iFly provided its customers with compelling 3-D flight-tracking imagery that increases their understanding of a flight’s status and makes a lasting impression of the services iFly offers.


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  1. Every now and then the Virtual Earth Marketing Team posts case studies for technical decision makers

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