Virtual Earth – Authenticate and Track Usage

So, you want to know what kind of traffic your Virtual Earth application is getting? You want to start licensing Virtual Earth per user? Well, from a technical perspective we've got you covered. Virtual Earth now supports token-based authentication and usage tracking. We've published an article on MSDN explaining how to integrate authentication into your application. You'll need a bit of behind the scenes code. Sorry, we can't have usernames and passwords in JavaScript; well, we could but I doubt you want someone stealing it. The whole authentication system integrates nicely with our current Customer Service Site and MapPoint Web Service reporting infrastructure - for those of you who are using it. Think of all the wondrous things you can do - track all of your applications separately; track each of your users activity separately; download usage reports to perform cost/benefit analysis (yeah, I have an MBA - I know it's important!); validate if you're in violation of our terms of use - wohoo! All fun, fun stuff for you data heads. And, yes, it's live today so go nuts. 


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