MSN Mexico, Motorola & Virtual Earth

MSN Mexico (aka Prodigy MSN) launched an application with Motorola using Virtual Earth as a backdrop for community data. The concept is an exclusive site for Motorola and MSN which focuses on entertainment. The site consists of podcasts, editorial music news, and product information. Of particular interest is the user's ability to generate a mini-web site (or Motospace) which consists of a photo, blog, music and customizable backgrounds. The Motospace must contain user location information within Mexico allowing the site to plot the user on a map based on city & state. Virtual Earth allows for a means to browse other user Motospaces and tour cities and user blogs in those cities. As a part of the program, users are allowed to vote for their favorite Motospace. The user with the most votes will be rewarded - can you guess with what? 🙂 The site will be live until December 31, so get your Motospace created!


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