InmanTV Interview

Hey, that's me! In early August I was asked to interview with Jessica Swesey from Inman to talk about Virtual Earth at the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference In San Francisco. Apparently, the video was just published and was featured in the most recent Inman newsletter. You can see the interview on I find the conference in general to be very beneficial to those in the the Real Estate world - especially the San Francisco conf. There's also a confererence in New York in the winter. New York was decent last year, but it seems the major focus on resources and attendance is at the San Francisco show. I'm not sure what our involvement will be with regards to the New York show, but I assume we'll at least have people there. There was also a Miami show last year in the fall, which from what I understand wasn't well attended, but I don't see any reference to it on the site. 


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