Webcast: Virtual Earth Platform, Version 5 Overview

I'll be doing a web cast covering the technicalities for Virtual Earth, Version 5. It's a Level 200 course and should last about an hour with time at the end for Q&A. It's on Wednesday, May 23, 2007 @ 10AM PDT.

Here's the description:

Join this briefing to learn about the new features and functionality in latest release of the Virtual Earth Platform, v5, which was released in April. This briefing builds upon information conveyed in the Virtual Earth Platform and Data Visualization briefing, which should be viewed prior to this briefing for anyone unfamiliar with the basic architecture and functionality of the Virtual Earth Platform.

You can register for the web cast here.


Comments (4)

  1. gemery says:

    I completly missed the cast due to time conflict are you going to post it somewhere so i can download it?

    Also is it possible to add a group of coridinates and then connect them into a route using street bounderies?



    I’ll post a link to the web cast as soon as it’s available. It should be ready by tomorrow. As for your second question, the route geometry isn’t exposed in the API so you can’t leverage it to map coordinates to within them.


  2. gemery says:

    Would this be something that i would need to use mappoint for?

    Basically i need to be able to through a bunch of points on a map and then connect them while still perserving the street structure.

         If this mappoint can you direct me to place where i could find out how to do this and/or will the be available in futer versions of virtual earth?

        Thanks for the fast response and your product this is trully top notch.



    When you say connect them, but preserve the street structure I assume you mean keep the lines within the route geometry. You can do this on MapPoint Web Service. Virtual Earth is yet to provide this functionality and there’s no time frame as to if and when it will be available.


  3. gemery says:


      I am using vs 2008 . I was wondering if you knew the trick to get intellisense to work with the virtual earth  control?



  4. Chris Pendleton says:

    No tricks, it’s just not supported.


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