CP Taking Over…

This blog is getting stale and needs a new owner, so I'm taking over. I've been running the Virtual Earth & MapPoint B2B Blog for a couple years and with my new gig as the Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist it's probably good to focus on the developer community a bit more. I'll just combine the two so you can see what Enterprise Customers and Mashup Developers are doing, plus provide updates and insight into the VE Product Group @ Microsoft - as much as they'll let me. 🙂

What's going to happen with the other blog? I'll keep it up because it has some good content, but will be authoring solely on this blog.

What's the first order of business? Version 5. Actually, this post is first.

Are you going to MIX this year? What a random question...yes. I'll be at the mashup camp on Monday night and at the "Business Value with Virtual Earth" session.

Is this blog Marketing powered? Some of it, but as you will ascertain not exclusively.  


Chris Pendleton

Virtual Earth Technical Evangelist

Microsoft Corporation

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  1. chad.campbell says:

    Yes I will be going to MIX07.  In fact, I’ve posted a bit of a mashup using Virtual Earth and Silverlight available on my blog.  http://cornucopia30.blogspot.com/2007/03/wpfe-geophoto-user-control-with-fun-in.html

    I’m going to release another, similar, but coolor component once the next version / CTP of Silverlight is released.  See ya at Mix!

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